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We completed Phase 2 of our Learning Center in Brazil check out the pictures and information below

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Phase 1 completed.  We started work on phase 2 thanks to our donors and sponsors.  Phase 1 we had to locate the correct property in the right location that was safe and accessible.  We then had to secure that location and prepare it for Phase 2 building work to start.  

Phase 2 building work commenced 2 months ago.  Extensive work had to be done on the building to get it ready and safe for children and families in the favela.  The building had to be re-wired to the highest standards also the plumbing had to be gutted and replaced.  A new floor had to be laid down and also the walls had to be resurfaced.  The building had only one toilet so another toilet had to be added.  A new shower unit needed to be installed.  Work on the office space, kitchen space also commenced.  A big undertaking lead by head builder, Fabio Santana.

When we are finished this will be far more than just a STEAM learning center, it will be a hub for the community as well provide services to help everyone in our local community.


Below are images of Phase 1 to Phase 2 work.

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learning center brazil

Phase 1 to phase 2 building works pictures

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We have just completed Phase 2 of our building program.   Our aim is to have the learning center open early 2022.  We want to thank all our donators and contributors for helping us get this far.  We also want to thank members of the local community who  have also helped us.

You can see some of the pictures and videos which show the transformation from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of our learning center in the Favela of Itinga, Brazil.

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Phase 2 is now completed.  Ready to be fully revealed at a special kid's day event on the 12th of October 2021.  Check out some of the pictures and videos of phase 2

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phase 2 pictures