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Twenty steps to real love by Beverly Broadus Green
Twenty steps to real love by Beverly Broadus Green

A devotional and Journal by Beverly Broadus Green

Consider this book a personal invitation to spend a few moments each day in quiet contemplation with our Heavenly Father. Evangelist Beverly Tate Broadus Green, divinely anointed, opens her heart through this biblically infused devotional and journal by sharing key ingredients to develop what she defines as “real love.”

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Beverly Tate Broadus Green born April 27th, 1951 in McComb, Mississippi and later relocated to Long Beach, California to become a wife, mother, singer, grandmother, evangelist and most importantly a devout child of God.  She has raised four children one of whom is internationally known rapper and artist Snoop Dogg.  Beverly is a living testimony of being an overcomer of some of life’s most difficult challenges that were filled with pain along her path towards obtaining the knowledge of “real love”.  Beverly’s ultimate goal for writing this inspired book is to share with others the tools she used during some of her most trying times that helped her develop a stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father.

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