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Bible Answers

Got a Question?

Do you have a question about life, about God, or about the future?  The Bible as the answers.  This book organizes thousands of your questions and matches each on with a Bible text that contains a helpful answer.

More than 125 respected ad well-known writers from many different denominations have made contributions.  The authorities quoted in this book included 41 Protestant writers, 22 Catholic writers, and 62 other authorities, as well as 13 encyclopedias and dictionaries.

This little book is packed full of answers to your families’ and friends’ questions regarding what the Bible says.  Look inside to discover more than 300 Bible subjects, including:

  • Who’s going to Heaven and Who’s Going to Hell?
  • Can God Really Love You?
  • Marriage
  • Child Training
  • Angels: Both good and Bad
  • Healing the Sick
  • Answers to Prayer
  • Forgiveness
  • Life After Death

If you have questions, go ahead and open up this book! You’ll soon discover that nothing can answer the questions of the mind or satisfy the longings of the heart as well as the Bible.

Bible Answers (20 book set)

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