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Guides 1 - 9 are Companions to our What the Bible Says, Sharing God's Love Bible lessons. 

Topics about TODAY'S issues... Answers in God's Holy Word.





1. Improve your marriage

2. Money Management

3. Successful Parenting

4. Gentle Ways to Ease Depression

5. Stress Management

6. Hope in Times of Trouble

7. Living with Loss

8. The Healing of Sorrow

9. Defeat Loneliness

10. Health & Nutrition

11. Addiction Free - Kicking the Habit

12. We are created in God's Image

13. Be Fruitful and Multiply

14. God has given us love and intimacy

15. From God's Creation to God's Recreation and Eternal Life.

16. 14 Steps that will help you be happier and live life to the fullest



Let's Share God's Love:


Share with neighbors and friends.

Invite a group to your church, home or business 

Take your church or group to a restaurant and study together.

Have a series of five meetings, make a circle and study and share feelings.

Sharing God's Love Makes You Happier, 2 sets, Guides 1 – 9 (18 booklets)

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